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virginidad con b grande? >> >> univisión entro al departamento donde fue capturado el chapo guzman, le mostraremos donde vivió sus últimas horas en libertad >> jsuticia de estados unidos comienza tramites para pedir en extradición al narcotraficante >> le contaremos como queda el nuevo mapa del narcotraficante y cuales serian los cabecillas más poderosos >> terminan los jeugos olimpicos de sochi, rusia quedo en el priemr lugar del medallero. vamos con todal a información. >> ( ♪ música ) >> este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana con felix de bedu. >> ( ♪ música ) >> ( ♪ música ) >> buenas noches bienvenidos al noticiero univisión del fin de semana. >> es el edificio más visto del mundo las últimas 24 horas, hablamos del miramar, donde vivió sus dos ultimso días de libertad el chapo guzman,. una cámara entro al departamento donde vive el hombre más buscado. >> en desorden, la puerta principal parcialmente rota, una cuna para bebé al lado de una de las camas, ropa para mujer, articulos personales y un articulo abandonado fue como quedo el departamento 401
trade of the 21st. the politicians and the lawmakers on the take, that part stayed the same but guzman had to manage the empire and the retailers and high-tech transportation, money landering and sheer brutality. putting guzman in a cell hasn't unravelled the empire in the past. weath whether that is different this time and is the "inside story." >> it is the end of the drug cartel elle chapo guzman. he was captured and marched to jail. the capture in mexico on saturday morning was the end to a 13 year manhunt. a search that intensed in the past weeks. he was captured by the mexican marines and help from the americans. in the end, it was an intercepted satellite phone call that did him in. asleep in the room with an ak-47 by his side and no shots were fied. guzman called is the world's most wanted drug lord. it mohhed tons of cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs over the borders and the the streets and other nations. it is something good. it is an excellent achievement from the government and gives us results and for mexico and other countries it is an important arrest. >> it is
reynolds on the drug lord's american operations. >> do you think, compared to capone, guzman was worse? >> yes, i do. >> pelley: after seeing his palace, ukrainians want the head of the president they overthrew. holly williams got into the mansion today. polar air returns-- some places will be 30 degrees below normal. a mystery illness that resembles polio strikes american children. dr. jon lapook reports. and remembering a comic genius behind "caddyshack" and "ghostbusters." >> hey, anyone see a ghost? >> pelley: bill whitaker on the death of harold ramis. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. one of the most notorious drug kingpins in the world could soon be at the center of a tug of war. today, lawyers for joaquin guzman began to try to prevent his extradition from mexico, where he was arrested over the weekend, to the united states where he's wanted on a slew of charges. but mexico is showing no inclination to turn him over. tomorrow, a mexican judge is expected to start the process of bri
, the order was get shorty, now they have. joaquin guzman is in jail. taking down the ceo of one of the world's most powerful cartels is the inside story. ♪ >>> hello, i'm ray suarez. the bootlegging millionaires of the 20th century could only dream of the kind of empires created by the drug cartel in the 21st. whether you smuggling whiskey or heroin that part stayed the same. putting joaquin guzman in a cell hasn't unravelled his empire in the past. whether that is different this time around is this edition of the program. let's begin with a look at the weekend arrest. it was an inglorious end for the legendary drug lord. he was walked before cameras and then marched off to jail. his capture early saturday morning was the dramatic end to a 13-year manhunt. a search that intensified in the last two weeks. he was captured by mexican marines with the help of american agents. he was asleep in his room with an ak-47 by his side, but no shots were fired. guzman, called shorty, is the world's most wanted drug lord. the mastermind behind a criminal drug production and smuggling enterprise moved to
on the run. joaquin el chapo guzman is accused of smuggling billions in cocaine and other illegal drugs into the u.s. nbc's mark potter has more on the dramatic capture. >> reporter: the arrest of joaquin el chapo guzman early this morning ends the long reign of the man known as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. even though he had been the target of intense manhunts, it's been 13 years since guzman, the head of the sinaloa drug cartel, has been in the hands of authorities. officials say he was arrested in this condominium in the resort town of mazatlan. reportedly in the company of an unidentified woman. the mexican attorney general says that no one was hurt in the arrest, and it shows mexican commitment to work on the cartels. in addition to being wanted in mexico, guzman has been indicted in half a dozen u.s. cities. >> he is undoubtedly the most ruthless organized crime leader on the face of the globe today. fortunately tonight he is behind bars where he belongs. >> reporter: guzman's drug cartel is often extremely violent, as it forcibly takes over drug routes from oth
>> joaquin el chapo guzman fue capturado esta madrugada >> tienen el recuentod e una intensa jornada informativa >> en medio de un fuerte operativo >> joaquin el chapo guzman ingreso al lugar de máxima seguridad >> es un golpe importante, ayudará mucho al gobierno a nivel nacional e internacional >> salio una portada que habían salvado a méxico >> dieron esta fotografia, los tuneles queu se descubrieron bajo las bañeras >> que coenctaban con el drenaje >> el gobierno hará algo más que haberlo capturado >> si le va a hacer honor a una lucha verdadera contra el tráfico y delicneucnia organizada >> quitándole su posesión finacniera >> autoridades mexicanas dijeronq ue se logró la caputar de joaquin el chapo guzman en este apartamento luego de estar profugo por mas de 13 años >> tiene una implicancia mediática tremenda >> se convirtió en un simbolo de la ineficiencia, de la corrupción >> en este video se muestra el interior del edificio >> en el se ve un zapato de color rojo, un pantalon azul, bolsas, y una maleta abierta >> yo >> creo que habra unos brotes de violencia en
kingpin el chapo guzman sow can be tried in the u.s. guzman was arrested this weekend in a joint u.s. mexican operation and faces federal grand jury indictments in at least seven cities including chicago where dean reynolds picks up the story. >> chapo guzman's flight >> chapo guzman's flight from the law ended inauspiciously in a rundown bedroom of a mexican resort. and while he had been on the run since 2001, it was over the last few months, even weeks that his room to maneuver schrank to a few square feet. eduardo medina mora is mexican's ambassador to the u.s. >> he was a mexican operation and a mexican story but the assembly relies on a strong collaboration between mexican authorities and u.s. law enforcement that has been going on for months. >> reporter: since november, a slew of guzman's henchmen were either gunned down or arrested. intelligence from wiretaps lead recently to a broad crackdown in mexico's sinoloa state. guzman's base of operation. and this month an arsenal of weapons was seized along with drugs-- drugs, money, at least ten more guzman lieutenants, that lead
in the case of alleged drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he was captured over the weekend in mexico. in the u.s., at least several federal district courts have indictments pending against guzman. as dean reynolds reports chicago has been a major hub for his cartel. >> reporter: chicago's gang members estimated at 100,000 are ready foot soldiers and enforcers for chapo guzman's sinaloa cartel which supplies 70% to 90% of the drugs sold here, according to the drug enforcement administration. rival cartels or gangs trying move in on guzman's organization have been dealt with harshly. and innocents have been caught in the crosshairs of what is a $3 billion business in the chicago area alone. last year, the chicago crime commission named guzman public enemy number one. the only other person to get that label was the mobster al capone. >> do you think caompared to capone, guzman was worse? >> yes. >> reporter: joseph ways is the commission's executive director. >> the deaths and fighting against the gangs can all be attributed to what he has. he's an international conglomerate is one way
's most notorious drug lords is in custody this morning. joaquin guzman known as "el chapo" is in custody this morning. as dean reynolds reports, officials have been after guzman for more than a decade. >> reporter: el chapo guzman was found in a mexican resort. while he's been on the run since 2001, it was over the last few months, even weeks, that his room to maneuver shrank to a few scare feet. the mexican ambassador to the u.s. >> he was a mexican operation. we relied on strong collaboration between mexican authorities and u.s. law enforcement that has been going on for months. >> reporter: since november a slew of guzman's henchmen were either gunned down or arrested. intelligence from wiretaps recently led to a broad crackdown in guzman's area of operations. this month an arsenal of weapons were seized along with drugs, money, and at least ten of guzman's lieutenants. that led to a number of safe havens along mexico's pacific coast. authorities missed guzman by only seconds by about ten days ago when he disappeared down a tunnel, but the chase ended saturday morning without a strugg
lord named joaquin guzman, known as "el chapo," or shorty. tonight, he is in a prison in mexico city. captured in a joint u.s. and mexican operation. the feds says guzman ran an international heroin and cocaine empire worth $1 billion. employing thousands of gang members in chicago to deal drugs. as carter evans tells us, his arrest ends a 13-year-long manhunt. >> reporter: shackled and surrounded, mexican authorities paraded the world's most notorious drug lord before news cameras. joaquin "el chapo" guzman was captured in a dramatic covert operation, led by the mexican navy early this morning, in the resort town of mazatlan. we arrested him without firing a single shot, says mexico's attorney general. guzman is known as "el chapo" or shorty because of his small stature, but there is nothing small about the global reach of his multibillion-dollar sinaloa drug cartel. >> this is absolutely enormous. it took my breath away, literally i did not know how to react, i was that shocked about it. >> reporter: duncan wood is an expert on u.s. mexico relations with the wilson center. >> it's
guzman >> fue capturado en la republica mexicana >> es el resultado de una operación conjunta entre estados unidos y méxico >> se dio a conocer en la foto >> detenido >> esta recluido en el penal federal demexico >> con el arrestro del pez grande son muchas las dudas >> hablaron con un experto en estos temas >> adelante gilberto te escuchamos >> hoy hablamos con hector cardenas >> profesor de politicas publicas el es espcialista en tre méxico y estados unidos >> es una excelente noticia entre relaciones de estos dos paises >> fue un trabajo de largo alcance, de hartos años de inteligencia >> no s revela aún de como fue >> se actuo con inteligencia >> hay cooperación entre estos paises >> se pensaba que con el nuevo gobierno habria un distanciamiento >> esto muestra que el distanciamiento no fue tan fuerte >> la pregunta es ahora >> que pasa con el efecto a largo plazo después de este duro golpe? >> no se desmantela con la captura deun capo, incluso el mas importante >> la captura de capo puede tener efectos perversos >> generar mas desestabilidad >> mas violencia >> se cree qu
!!comenzamos con informacion de ultima hora.!! no esta descartada la posible extradicion de "el chapo guzman" hacia estados unidos!! segun fuentes de univision, la decision final dependera de conversaciones de alto nivel entre autoridades de los dos paises!!en caso tal se buscaria una via juridica para revocar el amparo concedido al recien detenido!!de otro lado fuentes periodisticas indican que guzman habria confesado ante agentes que lo transportaron en avion hasta ciudad de mexico que ha participado en entre 2.000 y 3.000 asesinatos!! ademas abria asegurado que no participo en la muerte del cardenal posadas ocampo y que lo de su fortuna es un invento de la revista forbes!!hay mas revelaciones con vilma tarazona. >> el procurador mexicano revelÓ en exclusiva a univisiÓn de texans que la misteriosa mujer que acompaÑaba al chapo guzmÁn en el momento de su captura fue su mÁs reciente esposa. la ex reina de belleza coronel. ademÁs confirmÓ el procurador que las hijas gemelas de la pareja estaban en el hotel donde arrestaron al chapo. las autoridades mexicanas no tienen ningÚn proceso o acusac
quienes aseguran que el chapo guzman trajo bienestar y progreso a su tierra natal, y se manifiestan para defenderlo . top-live blanca --- personal experto en el proceso de ciudadania de "siren", se encuentran en nuestros estudios para contestar sus preguntas al respecto. ---llame al telefono 1- 800-548-4884. del estado aprobaron un paquete de ayuda por 687 millones de dolares, que servira a las comunidades que enfrentan la sequia. take vo ---la ayuda incluye a las comunidades que tienen problemas para obtener agua potable y para uso agricola, ademas en las que el desempleo se hace latente ante la falta del vital lquido. --- se espera que el gobernador brown apruebe la legislacion, que entraria en vigor inmediatamente. cesar ---la nieve que ha caido en la sierra debido a las ultimas tormentas no es suficiente como para surtir de agua a las ciudades y granjas durante el verano... take vo ---asi lo dijeron funcionarios del departamento de recursos del agua quienes agregaron que esta sequa es una llamada de atencin a conservar el preciado lquido... ---los expertos continuan monitoreando los
, and the top illegal drug dealer in the u.s. drug lord joaquin guzman, known as el chapo, or shorty, notorious for his global empire, his ruthless reputation and his legendary ability to elude police. that is until this weekend. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, is here with us with the latest. pierre. >> good morning. you can't overstate what a huge figure he is, so vicious, innovative and crafty. there are even suspicious today he may have changes his appearance through plastic surgery. it was a stunning sight, the most powerful drug lord in the world in handcuffs after more than a decade as a wanted man. law enforcement's long quest to catch joaquin guzman ended at this hotel at 6:40 yesterday morning. mexican authorities acting on intelligence from american drug enforcement and immigration agents arrested him on the fourth floor of this hotel in a resort hotel 600 miles from mexico city. his criminal resume, infamous. thought to be responsible for 25% of drugs entering the u.s. controlling an astounding 80% of illegal drugs on the streets of chicago. so rich, he made the f
. and the department of justice says that guzman's criminal activities contributed to the death and destruction of millions of lives. this professor said that guzman turned to violence in order to protect his turf. >> there were competitors for these trafficking roots. and sometimes he would have to eliminate those competitors. he didn't thrive on sadistic violence, but if he had to kill, he would. >> professor grayson said he would bribe absolutely everyone in site just to keep his businesses going. >> police, the military, the prosecutors, the judges. he was always beloved in in his home territory, and there was a -- a story that the peasants who worked for him wore no clothes, but they only wore hats so they could doff their hats when el chopo came by. >> and he said his success shun is likely to be quite smooth. authorities are seeking to have guzman extradited to the united states, and while init l initially mexico may seem reluctant to do this, guzman is likely to become a headache for the mexican authorities, so he will end up here. >> the president wants to down play the drug war, the
. >>> joaquin guzman, el chapo, was arrested in mexico. made the sinaloa cartel one of the biggest, he was captured over the weekend on a tip from american law enforcement, in the u.s. guzman would face charges ranging from cocaine smuggling to racket eager to murder. adam rainy is live for us in mexico city. adam let's start here. what is that issue here in terms of the u.s. trying to extradite this man? >> well, there's legal, practical and political issues at play. illegally, el chapo, joaquin guzman, known as shorty in spanish, is charged over the weekend on some of those charges. so if the u.s. were going to put in that formal request from u.s. attorneys in chicago and new york as has been reported they would have to make a formal request of extradition and even if mexico were to accept those, would allow shorty guzman to file his papers. enrique penna nieto, even though he isn't that popular at home, wants to keep this man on board. telling us in the press whenever we act, no he must face justice here and that's largely for political reasons, not just legal ones. they have issues
chapo guzman deja más preguntas que respuestas, aseguran que ffue una rresto arreglado. >> son aterradores gritos de la presunta víctima de una diabolica posesión >> se agrupan en un balcon para tomarse una foto y terminan estrellados contra el suelo >> su hijo se comportaba como una niña y la madre tomo una sorprendente decisión. tenemos el testimonio. >> shakira arremete contra un concejal que critico su video. esto y más en primer impacto. >> tengo momentos de arranque de odio muy fuerte. >> hace 15 años han apuntado el dedo acusador contra ella por el asesinato de paco stanlee >> tras sufrir la cárcel y rechazo la modelo paola duran quiere contar toda su verdad y hace una desesperada petición en uestras cámaras >> bienvenidos a primer imapcto, más adelante tenemos las declaracioens de esta mujer que asegurar haber vivido una pesadilla sin fin. >> kle contamos que hace unos minutos en el caso del chapo guzman se cumplió el plazo del jjuez para dar . >> las autoridades confirmaron la identidad del capo de capos. se encuentra nuestro colega con la información más
abogados de joaquin "el chapo" guzman promovieron un amparo en contra de su extradicion a estados unidos. blanca ---y es que su captura contina dando de que hablar en todo el mundo y muchos se preguntan si aumentar la violencia en mexico tras su captura. ---julio vaqueiro con el informe. take pkg 0:01 0:10 0:23 - quick 1:24 pkg la captura del chapo guzman es, dicen unos, la joya de la corona del gobierno del presidente enrique pena nieto. bite enrique pena nieto/presiden te de mexico la captura del joaquín guzmán loera es muestra de la eficiencia del gobierno federal, pero no da motivo para triunfalismos y tambien es oro para estados unidos. bite gabriel regino / abogado penalista abogado dice que no cree que el gobierno de estados unidos permita que el chapo se quede en méxico y que luego pase lo que paso con caro quintero, cuando desestimaron el caso. gabriel regino es abogado penalista. dice que hoy el chapo esta detenido para saldar su pena de 20 anos por la que fue encarcelado en 19993. despues de su fuga en 2001, sin embargo, acumulo mas averiguacione s en su contra, en mexico y
at the world's top drug lord, "el chapo" guzman arrested by pacific resources in mazatlan on saturday. guzman has long been considered the most wanted figure in the mexican drug war that have left tens of thousands of mexicans dead. mark potter is live for us in miami with an inside look at the man responsible for much of the drug traffic to the united states. mark, good morning. >> good morning, david. to the mexican government and u.s. drug agents, the arrest of joaquin guzman, "el chapo" or "shorty," is equivalent to the il canning of pablo escobar in columbia or even osama bin laden in the war on terror. el chappo has been sought for years and legends grew he was incidence -- invincible. but now he has been caught. the arrest this weekend by mexican marines of joaquin "el chappo" guzman ends this year's long reign as the man widely believed to be the most powerful and prolific drug trafficker in the world. the drug cartel he headed were infamous for their levels of brutality throughout mexico and the u.s. boarder. >> when most of america thinks of organized crime, they naturally think of
: shackled and surrounded, mexican authorities paraded the world's most notorious drug lord. joaquin guzman was captured in a resort town. we arrested him without firing a single shot. guzman is known as shorty because of his smaltiture, but there is nothing small about the global reach of his drug cartel. >> this is absolutely enormous. it took my breath away. i was that shocked about it. >> reporter: duncan wood is an expert with u.s. mexican relations. >> it's a game changer. >> reporter: guzman had been on the run more than a decade ever since he escaped from a max couple security prison in mexico in 2001. in that time, he expended the sinaloa cartel into a cartel of traffickers that led to every city in the u.s. >> we don't know what the impact will be on the organization itself. there are obviously lieutenants in place ready to take over. >> reporter: when authorities stormed his hideout, the cartel kingpin was caught by surprised. naked in bed with an ak-47 by his side. in the u.s., guzman faces multiple federal drug trafficking charges. he is believed the be responsible for 70% of t
the extradition of joaquin guzman. the fate of the drug king pin is unclear. >> this web of tunnels linking seven homes, allowing joaquin guzman to evate capture. when he left them behind the risk of being arrested multiplied. mexican marines found him here in a small apartment in sinaloa state. they found an arsenal of grenate, but he was unable to get to them in times. on the run for 13 years and the boss of the largest criminal organization, he seemed too powerful to catch, leaving in in almost mythical status. it inspired tributes, songs, detailing his exports and ways of evading the law and his capture. his submission to mexican marines designed to send a message that drug loords are not untouchable. many believed his provisions were tolerated. >> a former federal prosecutor said it was a symbol and triumph for the president. not enough on its own to break the cartels. >> the strike against joaquin guzman is an important one. what matters is the government's willingness to strike at the financial operation, and to maintain social programs to steer kids away from organised crime. >> but skept
traffic being and killing. he believes that chapo guzman should be tried in new york. no word what the next step will be. you is have verts eager to have joaquin guzman pay for the crimes he has committed in the sisinaloa cartel. >> john terret is here. >>> chapo, 5'6, very short. this is the first we've seen him in 13 years, since he escaped prison in mexico via a laundry truck. his drug dealing businesses around the world have been active on four continents, obviously our own, europe, africa and in australia as well. he is believed to have made an estimated $3 billion profit every year. now that's way more, way more than many fortune 500 company actually do. we don't know exactly but that's a good estimate. his trafficking is into the united states, indicted in at least eight states. his activities contributed to the defendant and destruction of many lives. grayson author of a book on cartels said guzman protected his routes. >> he would sometimes have to eliminate those competitors. he wasn't one who thrived on sadistic violence but if he had to kill he would. >> and professor g
.s. are calling for the extradition of most wanted drug kingpin joaquinn guzman who was arrested this weekend to mexico. he faces prosecution in at least seven american cities. more about the take down in just a moment. >> faulty water heater blamed for a deadly carbon monoxide leak at a long island new york restaurant. the manager died after he passed out in the basement. more than two dozen workers and first responders were taken to the hospital. >> jason collins in the first openly guy player to play in a profession yl sport. he signed a ten-day contract with the team earlier in the day. he called getting into the action fun. >> a small plane flying at 3,000 feet. a florida airport there had a sudden encounters with a bird shattering the wind screen. the pilot in the cockpit didn't know what hit him. but he did land. those are our top stories monday, february 24th. >> this is abc "world news now." >> good monday morning, everybody. we have new details about the capture of one of the most wanted drug lord in the world. joaquinn guzman. this shows the tunnels which guzman used to escape mexi
of escape and evasion. authorities say joaquin "shorty" guzman and much of his cartel are responsible for much of the flow of drugs into this country every day. nbc's mark potter has our report. >> reporter: these are the first public images of mexico's top crime kingpin in 13 years since his dramatic escape from this maximum security prison by hiding in a laundry cart. since then joaquin "chapo" guzman has become known as the world's most powerful trafficker, supplying most of the u.s.'s illicit drug supply. reportedly a billionaire and a violent player in mexico's drug war. >> 80,000 murdered and he was responsible for a good bit of it. >> reporter: a year ago, authorities say, guzman became restless in his sinaloa mountain hideout and sought a more comfortable life in the cities. >> once you become more complacent, you become more vulnerable. >> reporter: early last week, authorities raided several of guzman's safe houses in mexico where they just missed him where he escaped by climbing through a secret door beneath his bathtub into a tunnel that poured into the drainage city. agen
fuerzas especiales sacaron a joaquin guzman salió al aeropuerto black hawk donde un escuadrón de la marina lo acompaño, el capo del carte l de sinalo afue trsaladado en méxico donde fue trsalasdado donde junio juez para rendir su declaración >> una hora después de haber despegado del hangar de la marina en la ciudad de méxico, el mismo contigente llego al penal de méxico que hay de alta seguridad donde se rinde la preparación declaratoria, regresamos al estudio >> más adelante contigo, vamos con martín duran un periodista de la agencia alta presión, que fue uno de los primeros en llegar, nos tiene los detalles de lo que llegó ahí >> muchas gracias estmamos en el estado de sinaloa en mazatlan donde fue detenido joaquin guzman loera en los condominios miramar en el marewcon frente a la bahia en el operativo desarrollado en el madrugada, los infantes de marina llevan aacbo una serie de detenciones que habían sido informado plenamente por secretaria de gobernación el sábado en la madrugada una de las habitaciones del complejo. eln reportes como el más poderoso del mundo, destac
aide to guzman led to his arrest. reporter: some call him the osama bin laden of the illegal drug trade and he was just as elusive, until saturday. a joint mexican-u.s. effort captured joaquin gusman, known as el chappa or shorty, at this hotel. >> he were the godfather of the cartels that smuggled so many drugs into the united states, killed so many people in mexico and around the world, and to bring him to justice finally, after so many deck calleds, is a great victory. >> guzman ran the -- sinaloa cartell. he made the forbes magazine billionaire's list. so vicious, nearly 80,000 people have died in mexico from drug violence. guzman's $3 billion a year drug smuggling empire thrives using boats, tunnels, planes, even submarines to move hundreds of tons of his contraband cargo. >> he does not play by the rules. >> he mexican people have been caught in the cross-fire of drug mayhem. guzman is being healed in this mask security prison. the mexican government wants to try him first. that has some in the u.s. worried. he has escaped before. he will keep his drug gangs up and running. >> for
crime commission named joaquin guzman public enemy number one. it's a dubious monicker last since the 1930s. >> his drug cartel is of a major significance. he controls the street gangs by supplying them with the drugs. >> the u.s. drug enforcement agency implies 80% of drugs. he escaped in 2001 using money, bribes and a laundry truck. in 2009 he was indicted in illinois. he's been indicted in a number of other u.s. cities. two of the lieutenants have been extradited from mexico and have been held in u.s. custody. the trials will take place in chicago. >> over the weekend the dea head told us:. >> ultimately it will be u.s. attorney-general eric holder who will determine where joaquin guzman will face trial. the other question is whether or not joaquin guzman's arrest will have an affect on the flow of drugs in united states or on the streets of chicago. >> university of illinois criminal justice professor is doubtful. >> it won't have impact on the street price or violence. it's, you know, a nice headline for the mexican police and jack riley, the dea. it doesn't mean anything for
that joaquin shorty guzman was responsible for much of the flow of drugs flowing into the country every day. nbc's mark potter has more. >> reporter: these are the first images of mexico's top crime kingpin in 13 years, since his dramatic escape from this maximum security prison by hiding in a laundry cart. since then, guzman has become a known drug trafficker, supplying most of the u.s.'s drug supply, reportedly a billionaire, and a violent player in mexico's drug war. >> 80,000 murdered and he was responsible for a good bit of it. >> reporter: authorities say he became restless in his hideout and sought a more comfortable life in the cities. early last week, authorities raided several of guzman's safe houses in mexico where they just missed him after he escaped while climbing through a secret door underneath his tub, into a tunnel that poured into the city's drainage system. the u.s. and the marshal services had been tracking his movements by developing informants and wiretapping cell phones. but after the safe house raids, only one ofhe wire taps worked, but it was enough to get him. ear
in the world. mexican drug lord joaquin guzman known as el chapo has been captured ending a 13-year long manhunt. >> jon: el chapo got el popped-o. it translated to either a short stout person or corn porridge. [laughter] which kind of a weird name for a tough game. let me introduce you to my gang. you know me corn porridge. over in the corner jimmy oatmeal, gary gruel. this tuft customer over here frankie cream of wheat. we're part of your crime syndicate. [ laughter ] let me tell you something don't let the cute handle fool you this guy no bueno. this man was a true mastermind and lethal. sources tell us he is responsible for more dead americans than osama bin laden. >> jon: suddenly corn porridge seems like an understated nickname. it would be like finding out hitler's friends called his little schnitzel. the reich will last 1,000 years under your leadership -- which is not to say guzman did not have a terrifyingingly impressive resume. chapo guzman is said to be the top supplier of illegal drugs in the u.s. >> forbes ranked him 67th ots most powerful people list. >> jon: really forbe
. to the measurement can government and u.s. drug agents the arrest of guzman is equivalent to the il canning of pablo escobar in columbia or even osama bin laden in the war on terror. chap poe had been saw the for years and legends grew he was invincible. but now he has been caught. the arrest this weekend by mexican marines of joaquin chap poe guzman ends his years long reign as the man widely believed to be the most powerful and prolific drug trafficker in the world. the drug cartel he headed were infamous for their levels of brutality throughout mexico and the u.s. boarder. >> when most of america thinks of organized crime, they naturally think of guys like john gotti, sammy is the bull is, even al capone. but the reality of the situation is chap pole guzman made those guys look like boy scouts. >> authorities say the sinaloa cartel has long been mexico's longest drug trafficking organization supplying with the united states with myth it, heroin and cocaine. >> and 80 to maybe 90% of all the drugs that came into this country belong tong chap poe guzman. >> officials say guzman was arrested at this
al puso tras las rejas a chapo guzman el narcotraficante más buscado del mundo hablamos con varios vecinos su imagen , sposados y una lluvia de corridos inunda las redes sociales por que cayo el capo . >>> buenas tardes y bienvenidos a primer impacto feliz comienzo de semana cómo siempre gracias comenzamos con la noticia que ha acáparado titulares el arresto de chapo guzman qcopa fa octavos de final desempate - hull city así es , el más buscado dentro y fuera de méxico , está en un penal de máxima seguridad y ha ralizado estudios psicologicos para determinar su grado de peligrosidad días antes de su captura logro escapar de un gran operativo policíal gracias a tuneles y pasadizos tenemos diferentes puntos en méxico , en la trama comenzando en sinaloa quién entró a uno los 7 esconditos del chapo . >>> escribenos de que encontró en ese lugar . >>> la suerte se acábo para el ldier del cartel de sinaloa una última vez gracias a un plan de escape que funciono en el momento más conocido está es la historia . >>> la ciudad donde más seguros se sentía no era gratis por qu
target on the order of osama bashar al-assad. and now the arrest of kingpin joaquin guzman, having him face justice in the united states. ironically, in 1930 chicago, al capone was public enemy number 1 and today that title belongs to el chapo, who made the center of his multi-billion dollar reuranium iregimein the u.s. in. "america tonight"'s christof putzel has reported on this. >> if the sinaloa cartel was a corporation, its u.s. headquarters would be here in chicago. under the regime of joaquin el chapchapo guzman is worth over 3 billion a year. perfect place from moving drugs from mexico to cities across the united states. >> from my point of view, i think chicago and the midwest in general right now is the most significant hub for the cartels in the country. >> reporter: chicago's gang culture also makes it a recruiting ground. with tens of thousands of active and armed gang members on the streets, it's easy to come by. >> what do you sell? >> crack, dope, x. if it's there, we're going to sell it. crack, $10 a bag. >> last link in the sinaloa supply chain. >> where do the drugs
sin encontrarlo. asi escapo el chapo guzman el 17 de febrero cuando los militares y marinos lo ubicaron en una propiedad en culiacan y al tratar de entrar se encontraron con muros y puertas reforzadas de acero , lo que le dio tiempo al perseguido de escapar por un laberinto que habia bajo una tina y conectaba con la calle y otras casas.. y un camino igual de complicado es el que enfrentara la justicia mexicana , dice este abogado, para mantener a guzman loera en prision...y es que si es bien cierto indica que debera de purgar los 12 anos de pena que le faltaban por cumplir cuando se dio a la fuga , las autoridades intentaran ademas, fincarle por lo menos otras 66 averiguaciones que existen en su contra. la pgr atribuirá mas delitos como narcotráfico, asociación delictuosa y homicidio. en un dia tan emblematico para el pais al conmemorar a la bandera tricolor, el presidente de la republica se congratulo de nuevo de este logro que demuestra dijo, que es posible tener un mexico en paz. reafirma el compromiso de emplear todas las capacidades en el combate a la delincuencia organ
of the trade, joaquin "el chapo" guzman. and we have new details tonight about the brilliant and diabolical ways he was streaming drugs right into american neighborhoods. mariana van zeller from our partner network, fusion, has been tracking this story and this man for years. she starts us off right now. >> reporter: joaquin "el chapo" guzman, the alleged billionaire drug trafficker, on the run for the 13 years, his arrest tonight being called the biggest setback to the drug trade in three decades. once named one of the most powerful men in the world, el chapo was caught here in a simple fourth floor apartment, a single rifle by his side. toiletries scattered across the bed. in the kitchen, food on the counter, pans on the stove. in a bedroom, a child's playpen appears to lie on the floor. allegedly with him, his beauty queen wife and young american-born twin daughters. mexican special forces, early saturday, capturing one of the most wanted men without a struggle. >> we have been able to largely cripple not only guzman by capturing him, but also the organization itself. >> reporter: guzman
chapo" guzman away in handcuffs on saturday. thus ending a 13-year hunt for one of the world's most dangerous men. >> ( translated ): this arrest is the product of an operation that's been worked on for several months in coordination with all federal government agencies >> brown: only two days earlier, guzman was surrounded by troops at his ex-wife's home in the western city of culiacan, capital of the mexican state of sinaloa. he got away, through a trap door under the bathtub, and managed to escape through a network of tunnels and the city's sewer system. u.s. drug agents and mexican troops, acting on wiretaps and other information, pursued him 135 miles south, to this luxury condominium in the seaside resort of mazatlan. there, just before dawn saturday, they stormed into guzman's room and captured him without firing a shot. in washington today, white house press secretary jay carney praised the joint effort. >> this is a significant achievement in our shared fight against transnational organized crime, violence, and drug trafficking. the u.s. and mexico have a strong security pa
arrest right now joaquin guzman bet noern at el chappo, aled head of a cartel captured in a joint operation between mexican and american forces at a resort in mexico. guzman has been wanted on federal drug trafficking charges and alluded authorities for years after he broke out of a mexican prison. since 2009, guzman has been included in "forbes" magazine lists of the world's most powerful people, most recently ranked 67 out of 72 on the list and last year was named public enemy number one by the chicago crime commission. much more on this story in a moment. >>> all right. first, he is poised to be the first openly gay player in the nfl. but first, college star michael sam has to impress the league's scouts and that's what he's trying to do today. sam is at the legal scouting camp in indianapolis and just spoke to the media for the first time since announcing he is gay. joe carter is here with more on this. >> this is the first stop. the first stop, the first step to being that first nfl openly gay player. okay? the nfl combine lasts about four, five days. a chance for general man
traffickers in the world. joaquin guzman, known as "el chapo," was caught after 12 years. michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: this is el chapo, in custody after being sought for years. this is how he looked when he was arrested early saturday morning at this mexican hotel. acting on intelligence gathered bid the u.s. drug enforcement agents and the mexican drug enforcement, guzman went without a fight. >> chapo guzman is like the osama bin laden of drug trafficking. >> reporter: guzman leads a mexican drug cartel, responsible for an estimated 25% of mexico, cocaine and heroin, coming into the u.s. from mexico, resulting in tens of thousands of overdoses. chicago named el chapo public enemy number one, the term not used since al capone, in chicago, the drug trade was so profitable for guzman forbes magazine included him on the list of its billionaires. el chapo had been on the run since bribing his way out of prison 13 years ago. experts say even with him back behind bars the cartel will continue to do business as usual. >>> oakland city leaders today hosted their first town hall meeting in
juez federal en mexico orden el inicio del proceso penal contra joaquin el chapo guzman.. pitch - blanca --ahora, los abogados de "guzman" tienen 3 dias para apelar la resolucion en caso de que no esten de acuerdo. ---para darnos mas detalles... two box ...pasamos a mexico con jazive perez quien tiene lo mas reciente, adelante jazive. pkg el juez encargado de llevar el caso de joaquin el chapo guzman ha confirmado que el jefe del cartel de sinaloa continuara en la carcel luego de encontrar que hay elementos suficientes para sustentar las acusaciones que le imputa la procuraduria general de la republica. en esta ocasin e l juez quinto en materia de procesos penales analizo los expedientes que corresponden a los senalamientos por delincuencia organizada y delitos contra la salud,,,pero aun faltan 4 averiguacione s que quedan pendientes en contra del lider del cartel de sinaloa. a partir del domingo garcia loera es reconocido como el preso numero 3578 en esta carcel de maxima seguridad ,,,y desde ah ordeno a sus abogados interponer un amparao contra la extradicion a estados unidos,
capone. joaquin "el chappo" guzman is in jail. there was a raid on a high-rise this morning. the raid was so quick he didn't have time to grab the ak-47 beside his bed. his operation is believed to be worth billions. the u.s. had a $5 million bounty on his head. >> guzman was charged in a federal indictment returned here in chicago several years ago along with a number of members of his organization with violating federal drug laws. that's one of several federal cases that are pending against him. >> last year, forbes ranked guzman as the 67th most powerful man in the world. >>> and a dramatic day of developments in ukraine as that country braces for a leadership change and protestors take control of the capital. today the president was impeached in what he called a coup after a week of deadly fighting in the streets. ko im tells us the president refuses to step down. >> reporter: a street opposition leader in kiev's independence square is telling protestors to keep up their work. [ chanting ] >> reporter: earlier, crowds demanded the ouster of president viktor yanukovych. saturday,
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